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Rho Epsilon Omega Chapter History

Located in Wellesley, MA, Rho Epsilon Omega chapter was chartered on Saturday, January 23, 1988 at the Westborough Marriott by Idell Pugh, North Atlantic Regional Director. Over the past 30 years, Rho Epsilon Omega has rendered extraordinary service to the Metro West communities, continues to strengthen in membership and works diligently to be of Service To All Mankind.


Each year, Rho Epsilon Omega upholds the ideals of the Sorority by providing college scholarships to students from the MetroWest area.  In accordance with the International Program, which is updated every four years, the chapter's service activities include direct service and mentorship, cultural events, fundraising, and a variety of workshops. Rho Epsilon Omega also provides service to those in need by serving a monthly dinner at the Pearl Street Cupboard and Café and providing regular donations of food drive donations and seasonal wraps to A Place to Turn. The chapter also donates time and resources to organizations such as The Wish Project, House of Hope, and Aid to Incarcerated Mothers. In addition, Rho Epsilon Omega has sponsored many forums to raise awareness and educate the community on mental illness and health issues that disproportionately impact women and people of color, and participates in fundraising efforts to combat AIDS, mental illness, Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer.


Rho Epsilon Omega hosted the 1992 and 2013 Cluster V Leadership Conferences and co-hosted the 1997 North Atlantic Regional Conference.

Charter Members 

Past Presidents

Marion Amory 
Earline Briggs 
Cynthia Brown-Moore 
Theresia Carrington 
Clemmie Cash 
Jerline Dixon 
Debra Earls 
Dorothy Frauenhofer 
Elsie Grain 
Mary Greaves

Ann Gumbs 
Roberta Gutman 
Donna Hardy 
Millicent Hill 
Ruth Arlene Howe 
Jean Hurd 
Yvonne Jenkins 
Willyne Johnson 
Pamela Lathan 
Patricia Long 

Dorothy McLeod 
Helen Moore 
Margaret Moore 
Janet Palmer-Owens 
Enid Rocha 
Marcia Roebuck-Hoard 
Sheilah Shaw-Horton 
Deanna Staton-Gross 
Marian Taylor 
Paula Wright 

Helen Moore 
Jean Hurd 
Sheilah Shaw Horton 
Rebecca McLeod Barnett 


Tiffany Blackwell 
Sheilah Shaw Horton 
Kimmie Jackson 
Dawn McNair

E. Jean Robinson

Julia Hardy-Cofield 
Esther Slack-Metellus 
Janine Whitter Richardson

Dr. Tracey Cameron

Angela Haugabrook

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